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Newsletters (Present - 1988)

Spring 2016
Hay Barracks in Newfoundland
New World Dutch Barns in Popular Culture
For Sale, A Valuable Farm: Advertisements for Farmsteads in upper Hudson and Mohawk Valleys from New York Newspapers, 1800-1825

Fall 2015
Revisiting Richard W. Babcock’s Norumbega Barn

Spring 2015
A Jambless Fireplace in Frederick County, Maryland

Spring and Fall 2014
Side-Wall Wagon-Entry Barns in Monmouth County,
New Jersey: Their Genesis and Types

Fall 2013
The Beam-Dusenbury Farmstead, Town of Brunswick,
Rensselaer County, New York

Spring 2013
A Farm For Sale: Advertisements for Farmsteads from Ulster, Dutchess, Columbia and Greene County, New York Newspapers

Fall 2012
Before the DBPS: A History of Research and Surveys

Spring 2012
New World Dutch Barn from 1669

Fall 2011
VanDerVeer Farmstead

Spring 2011
Swing Beam Barn

Fall 2010
Dockstader-Bergen Barn, Pindar Barn

Spring 2010
Tarbox Farm, Stone Arabia Barn, Odd & reused Building Parts

Fall 2009
River Street Barn, 18th Century Real Estate Advertisement

Spring 2009
LeFevre Barn and House, Shultes-Malcolm Barn

Fall 2008
Shultes-Malcolm Barn, Albany County.

Spring 2008
Dutch Farm Survey, first 2 years.
A "Hayberg", Otley, Iowa

Fall 2007
Dutch Barns, Bergen County, NJ, pt 2
The Guy Johnson Barn, Amsterdam, NY

Spring 2007
Dutch Barns, Bergen County, NJ
The Dutch Barn of Maple Ridge Farm

Fall 2006
The Fry-Grattan Barn: Historic Context
The Fry-Grattan Barn: An Architectural Description

Spring 2006
The Netherlands in One Day
Barn Repair Workshops in Rhinebeck at a 1777 Dutch Barn

Fall 2005
1843 Contract - New World Dutch Bldgs.
New World Dutch Bldg drawings, Livingston Papers
Construction of Hay Barracks

Spring 2005
Roof construction, Dutch-American
Dating Buildings

Fall 2004
Dating Buildings using Dendrochronology
Glen-Sanders House
DeFreest house

Spring 2004
Two New Forms of Dutch Barns

Fall 2003
Early Dutch Architecture
Windmills of Holland

Spring 2003
Larger Wemp Barn
Photos of Dunkle-Spencer Barn

Fall 2002
Barn Speak

Spring 2002
Solite Barn
Wemp Barn
Dunkle-Spencer Barn
Lest we Forget

Fall 2001
The Economy
Book Review

Spring 2001
The Nilsen Barn
Dutch Barn Exhibits
State Barn Coalition
The Place

Fall 2000
Raising Holes
Happy Anniversary
The Time

Spring 2000
Why Raising Holes
Barn Observations
Capacity of the Barns

Fall 1999
Peter Winne House
Unique Anchorbeam
The Frederick Barn

Spring 1999
John J. Post Barn
Wortendyke Barn Museum

Fall 1998
Palen Barn and House
Powder Post Beetle
Mt. Gulian Barn

Spring 1998
The Mabee House
Mabee House Fireplace
The Summer Kitchen

Fall 1997
The Lainhart Barn
Observation of Lainhart
NJ Dutch Barns

Spring 1997
New Paltz Inventory

Fall 1996
Two Barns Guilderland NY
Marte Gerritsen Van Bergen
Trustees Visit Getman
Dutch Hay Barrack 1633

Spring 1996
Saugerties Barns

Fall 1995
Hay Barrack Project
Vince the Man

Spring 1995
Three Hundred Year Barn
Marte Gerritsen
A Last Look

Fall 1994
Wagner Barn
Seven Bay Barn
Old Songs Inc.
Kovenhoven Barn "Gone"

Spring 1994
Wemple Barn
Barn Contract

Fall 1993
Schaefer Remembrance
The Future of Dutch Barns
Contract to Build

Spring 1993
Tale of two barns
East of Sharon Barn
Pennsylvania Barns
Old Barn Photos
Society Activities

Fall 1992
Photo Essay
New World Dutch Farms
Social Activities

Spring 1992
New World Dutch Farms

Fall 1991
Bronck Barn
More Hay Barrack
Society Activities

Spring 1991
Barns Near Holland Mich.
Nails and dating

Fall 1990
The Larger Wemp Barn
The Plank Roof

Spring 1990
The Tree Nail
If a Barn Could Talk
Timber Frame Repairs
Barn Basics

Fall 1989
The Hay Barrack Interview
Van Orden Bronk Farmstead Print

Spring 1989
The Deertz Barn

Fall 1988
Agrarian Changes
Somerset Co. Barns The Barn Tour

Spring 1988
Schoharie Barn
Barn Stabilization Contract
Teller Barn


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